11 black-owned businesses that are changing the world

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Mashablea leading global media company committed to Social Good, has named beelove™ as one of the 11 black-owned business changing the world.  We are excited to share this excerpt from the article which highlights beelove™, and encourage you to read the full article to learn about the ten other amazing businesses also changing the world. Enjoy!

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An often-overlooked aspect of racial equality is economic equality — without dollars and opportunities firmly rooted in communities of color, there is no power.

That’s why black-owned businesses are so important in the fight for racial justice. When you buy from these businesses, you support financial freedom and agency in the black community. And your purchase goes even further when those businesses’ missions focus on charitable efforts.

We’ve rounded up 11 businesses in the U.S. that build service and altruism into their business models, giving back to a number of communities and causes.  From environmental conservation and sustainability to combatting domestic abuse and poverty, these entrepreneurs have all found unique ways to contribute to the greater good…


Based in Chicago, beelove gives back by providing transitional opportunities for people in the community who struggle with barriers to employment, especially those with a criminal history. Mass incarceration and its aftereffects impact black people at a disproportionate rate, and beelove (and its parent company Sweet Beginnings, LLC, a subsidiary of the North Lawndale Employment Network) is doing its part in helping those most affected.

The company produces both raw edible honey and honey-based beauty products using honey harvested at its five apiaries in Chicago. In addition to the online shop, its products are sold through local Chicago retailers.

Your purchase helps disadvantaged people in Chicago establish a work history, learn productive work habits and gain marketable skills —and you get to pamper yourself with soothing honey, too.

Click  here to read the full article.

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