thanks for your support at the chicago green festival!

sweetbeginningsllc News

We would like to thank everyone for their support and interest in Sweet Beginnings at the Chicago Green Festival. There was a great turnout for the event and a constant stream of customers at our Sweet Beginnings booth.

Sweet Beginnings generated over $2,000 in sales during the two days of the event. We made many new friends and even secured two new vendors for our beeline honey and skin care products. A special thank you to all the staff and volunteers that contributed their time and passion at our booth and, of course, thank you to our customers and supporters that came out and made the event such a success.

Below you can read reflections on this green experience through the eyes of our Sweet Beginnings employees who are integrating green into their urban lifestyles:

“This was my first Green Festival and I was not aware that so many people want to save energy, light, gas, and anything they possibly can. A lot of creative people.”

LaMorris Patrick

“I did not realize how many people cared about Mother Earth. The festival had employees directing people where to place their cans, bottles, plastics, and paper. I thought that was an excellent way for people to be encouraged to recycle properly.”

Tiffany Chinn

“The Green Festival was a very important event. I never knew so many people were into it. The ideas that other companies had were wonderful and I loved interacting with so many wonderful people. I loved speaking about Sweet Beginnings’ missions and where we’re located. People love that a company like ours was on the West side of Chicago.”

Anthony Naylor

“I was amazed by so many innovative businesses that are local. I also enjoyed the experience of meeting people that had respectable positions in various organizations.”

Kelvin Greenwood

“My experience at the Green Festival was good and also very interesting because I was able to identify how many people are into being green, getting green, or whatever the case may be. Also, I was able to communicate with a lot of creative, important, and interesting people that allowed me to advance my professionalism and people skills.”

Orieal Williams