what people are saying about beelove™ products

I have had the honor of witnessing NLEN’s amazing progress — that has led to systems change and tangible, positive results in the lives of countless former offenders. Coverage of your work in Crain’s Chicago Business, is yet another testament to the extraordinary impact and progress of NLEN.
Deborah Harrington, Executive Director, Woods Fund Chicago



I just wanted to take a moment to thank Sweet Beginnings for the wonderful beelove™  products I picked up at the Green Festival this weekend; I have already enjoyed the beelove brown sugar and body polisher and exfoliator and the beelove body cream – they are unbelievable, my hand are so soft and not full of icky chemicals!!
April Capril, California


beelove™  honey is the best honey on the market. I love the taste.  It is very light and delicate, not viscous and syrupy.  And with Chicago’s changing seasons comes changing plants, so each batch has nice unique flavors and varied tones of gold.

But perhaps the more irresistible part about these good old-fashioned jars of honey is that beelove workers are participants in a pioneering business enterprise that trains and employs individuals who have been all but banished from the workforce due to criminal backgrounds or inadequate skills.  These folks just want a chance to get back on their feet and into the job market.

So I savor every purchase for two reasons – it is delicious and it makes a difference.  This is yummy honey with a social conscience.  Sweet indeed.
Michelle Light, Chicago, Illinois



The beelove™  body cream has been a wonderful experience.  It is challenging finding a product that has an inviting fragrance and that will also replenish and revitalize dry skin without leaving a greasy film.  My family is experiencing healthier skin and also supporting Sweet Beginnings.
Pamela Smith Thomas, Chicago, Illinois



My family loves beelove body cream.  My wife is sensitive to product smells so we tend to purchase unscented lotions.  Additionally, my children have eczema so finding a lotion or cream with a pleasant smell that also properly moisturizes the skin has been a challenge.  We found the perfect solution with the Sweet Beginnings beelove™  body cream.  It has an excellent smell, according to my wife and children, and it moisturizes the skin for my children extremely well.  I also use the beelove™ body cream and love it.  Great product!
Jose M. Wilson, Chicago, Illinois



Simply stated, I love all the products, but I especially love the sugar scrub.  Living in Phoenix, I constantly am fighting ‘ash’ (dry skin).  Your sugar scrub with honey is a wonderful creation.  I use it in the shower and don’t have to put on lotion.  My skin is not only exfoliated, but it is conditioned without feeling greasy.  THANK YOU!
Elnora, Phoenix, Arizona