Treat Yourself To A Honey Mask Today

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beelove-honey-maskWant to try a new face mask that feels nourishing and smells great? Make a honey mask! Yes, you can make this mask at home, saving money and a trip to the beauty store. Honey is a natural ingredient so it is safer to use than chemical alternatives. It is also inexpensive compared to the cost of most commercial facial masks.

Simple Honey Mask:

The simplest honey face mask requires only 15 minutes and some pure honey straight from the bottle. Apply the honey to the face and neck, wait 15 minutes for it to set, and rinse off the mask with warm water. Skin will feel firmer and the mask is safe enough to use regularly. This recipe is suitable for people of all skin types so try it today.

People with either dry or acne-prone skin will benefit from an egg and honey mask. Dry skin sufferers should use the yolk of the egg, while those with oily skin should use the egg white.

Honey Mask Ingredients:
•2 tablespoons honey
•1 raw egg
•1 teaspoon vitamin E oil
•splash of milk (add gradually to prevent mixture from becoming too thin)


Mix the ingredients together in a bowl and apply the mask to the face. Keep it on for 10 to 20 minutes and then remove it with warm water, followed by cold water to close the pores. Proteins in the egg constrict the skin, placing pressure on the upper layer. When the mask is washed away, it takes loose skin cells with it.

Applying this honey face mask every one to two days should make a drastic and lasting difference in the complexion. Users have reported that their pores feel tighter, their skin feels firmer, and the mask nearly eliminates their blackheads and acne. Make several batches at once and store them in the refrigerator for up to one week.

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