Seasonal Colors of Natural Honey

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The color of natural, raw honey will vary for a couple of reasons. The #honey extracted in the spring is much lighter in color as the flowers in bloom in the spring tends to be lighter in color which directly influences the color of honey. Likewise, nectar producing flowers that bloom in the fall are deeper in color and produces the deeper and more complex favors of the Fall extracted honey.

The second reason a jar of honey will be lighter in color, is due to the absence of preservatives in raw honey, cold temperatures and time. This is called crystallization. Because beelove honey is raw and has no preservatives, it has no shelf life, and will naturally crystalize in cold temperatures. If you see this have no worries, as your beelove honey is can be easily reconstituted by placing your jar in warm water and bringing it back up to room temperature. Never microwave your honey or you will evaporate all the #healthy enzymes #natural honey offers! Again, honey has no shelf life and remains delicious in either a liquid or crystalized form.

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